Event Listening with Olympe


I searched in the documentation and the forum but I didn’t find a way to listen events (beside the expectation mechanism). Is it something possible with Olympe ?

It would be very convenient to listen either for all events or for a specific list to do actions accordingly.

I saw on the documentation events like battery alerts, motor error, wifi signal and so on. With a listener, I would be able to add some security scenarios.
Unless there is another way to do it without a listener ?

Thanks in advance.

Hi gerald,

This feature has already been requested multiple times and the good news is that this listener feature should be included in the next Olympe release.


Hello Nicolas,

Thank you for your answer. That’s a good news.
Is there already a target date for the next Olympe release ?


End of February at best but the schedule depends on the GSDK 1.2.0 and Anafi 1.6.5 release date (those must be synchronized).


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Olympe 1.2.0 has a new event monitoring API. You should probably have a look at the following examples:


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That’s a very good news !
Thank you for updating the post.