Exposure settings fails with FW 1.6.8

After updating to FW 1.6.8 the olympe.messages.camera.set_exposure_settings command always fails. This command worked fine in FW 1.6.5 and works fine with Sphinx.

17:28:56.012 common.SettingsState.ProductVersionChanged(software='1.6.8', hardware='HW_03')
17:28:57.889 camera.set_exposure_settings(0, <exposure_mode.automatic: 0>, <shutter_speed.shutter_1_over_10000: 0>, <iso_sensitivity.iso_100: 3>, <iso_sensitivity.iso_3200: 16>) has been sent to the device

Hello, thanks for the update, we are working on a fix for this.
We will update the SDK to 1.2.1, no firmware update needed.

Thanks for the update. Can you share any information regarding when we can expect Olympe 1.2.1?