FDR files on SD card- Anafi


Can you please advice what is the use of FDR folder on the Anafi SD card. Is this used for flight data . They are *.bin files and are quite large files exceeding 200 MB

Yes, they are encrypted flights logs

Kindly advice how to extract the flight data especially into *.json format and *.fix format

You need to use FreeFlight app for that.
There is a JSON export button next to all your flights logs in the MyParrot menu.
You can also use one of our partner service like DroneLogBook that uses GUTMA standard.

[quote=“Jerome, post:4, topic:11162”]
[/quote] i have subscribed for the professional version of drone log book. The json file is not compatible with a third party program viz; Flight Manager.

Json is just a file format, maybe your software is expecting different fields inside the json.

OK…thank you…I will check other json samples and revert.

In the mean time if you have a sample json file exported from a previous version ( 2018-2019 ) , kindly attach here .