Firmware access to modify network parameters

I am a research engineer in a french robotic lab and I am currently working with Parrot’s Anafis drones. I worked a lot with the Ground SDK proposed by Parrot, especially for the creation of a ROS package allowing to make a link between Olympe and ROS.

I am contacting you because we would like to integrate these Anafis drones in a network including several other drones (Anafis and others). However, the network architecture of the Anafis as we have it now, does not allow much configuration (the IP of the drone is fixed and the drone creates its access point and can not be a client).
After some research on the Parrot developer forum, I noted that “the ANAFI IP address is not configurable through the SDK. You can’t modify it without a privileged access to the drone firmware” (from post #9590).
I was wondering how and under what conditions we could with these privileged access to the firmware in order to integrate more elegantly the Anafi to our fleet of drones.

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Would it be possible for you to share this ROS/Olympe bridge ? Is it open source ?

The drone IP is indeed not configurable through the SDK.

There is no absolute answer. This could be discussed with Parrot directly.

Yes, I agree, it would be great if Parrot can offer the debug credentials. (Poking around at the firmware, looks like a debug certificate or key needs to be on the SD card when you boot the drone to enable ADB remote access). It would be great for Parrot to support at least selected paying customers who know what they are doing and need access to configure the system for integration.

At least in my case, if elegant integration is possible (and a couple of simple bugs were fixed), we would end up purchasing a lot of ANAFI units.

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