[Firmwared] Cannot re-run Sphinx without restarting the computer


I have been able to install and run Sphinx with bebop2. Currently, I am having a problem that I believe is related to Firmwared package that needs to be run.

Whenever I need to close my simulation or reset the pose of the drone, the simulation closes and the terminal brings the following error:

[Err] [Machine.cc:970] Failed to start bebop2 : net.hook/assign failed.
[Err] [Machine.cc:977] Probable cause for this error: the requested stolen interface (wlp5s0:eth0: does not exist

In order to be able to run the simulation again, I have to restart my machine. If I do try to run sphinx /opt/…/bebop2.drone again, the same error comes.

I have run the network compatibility and it shows my wireless card is compatible. (If it wasn’t it would not even had run in the first place)

How do I recover from this error without restarting my machine?



Have you tried to create a udev rule to set a persistent name for your wifi interface? The procedure is explained here: