Flight data from Bebop2 using sphinx


I am new to sphinx.
I am trying to communicate with sphinx (bebop 2) and SDK in the same HOST machine.
I have added the necessary callbacks to print the flight data sent by bebop2. But could not print the same.

My question is:

  1. How to view the data from bebop2 in sphinx?
  2. Whether while using sphinx application is it relevant to expect data from bebop2?

Thanks in advance


What do you mean by “flight data”? You should be able to do with sphinx what you can already do with a real drone using the SDK.

In addition to the SDK, you can get real drone information via the Omniscient telemetry section using the tlm-data-logger tool:

tlm-data-logger inet: | grep worldLinearVelocity

Hi ocrave,

By flight data i meant the instantaneous position, attitude and velocity parameters from the bebop2

Hi ocrave,

When i am trying to run the tlm-data-logger tools as per your suggestion, i am not seeing any parameters getting printed on the screen in real time.

Should anything else has to be initiated for the same?

Thanks in advance.

You should launch sphinx with the option --datalog to be able to visualize data from the simulator: https://developer.parrot.com/docs/sphinx/visualization.html

Thanks ocrave. :grinning: