Flight data locaiton

Is there any way to display internal flight data as the drone is active? I’ve looked through the documentation and found something that sounds like what I want, but only in the sphinx environment, called the tlm-data-logger. Is there any way to do a similar function with a physical drone? I can’t find any function that displays the data. I would like to be able to do this in a GPS denied environment, so longitude/latitude data isn’t what I’m looking for. Onboard IMU data is what I’d like to have a live feed of, or even an after-the-fact log of it would be a good place to start.

Hello guys!

I would also be interested by this feature, can anyone tell us if it exists?

Is there a simple way to get flight data in real time if the drone is piloted via Olympe? Something like the tlm-data-logger from Sphinx?


Excactly wich data do you need? The tlm-data-logger is a feature of Sphinx and also provides data that is normally not available in the physical world.

If you are using Olympe, maybe the AttitudeChanged event message can give similar information as the IMU-data.

There is some other event messages that provides additional flight information, amongst others: AltitudeChanged, SpeedChanged and PositionChanged(If you have GPS). They are provided in real time to Olympe, but bear in mind that there is a short delay since it needs to be transmited over the WIFI link and it is not sent continously (but regularly).