Flight error log

We were using the basic FreeFlight 7 App, and the Anafi drone was hovering at an altitude of about 5 meters for approximately 2-3 minutes. Suddenly, the aircraft started shaking, and the flash light underneath the drone turned on, causing all the propellers to stop, resulting in a freefall.

During the flight, the GPS signal appeared to be normal. However, I couldn’t determine the cause of the crash, so I checked the FDR log, which revealed the following continuous error message:

Additionally, I have been unable to calibrate the stereo camera and obstacle avoidance despite attempting a reset through the FreeFlight 7 app. Calibration continues to fail. If you could provide guidance on what to do in case calibration fails, I would be very thankful.

Hi @jaehyung,

Could you provide your log? (you can exceptionally send me a personal message to keep your log secret if you wish).

Just in case, are your drone and skycontroller up to date?


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