Flight plan execution in Anafi Thermal


We want to develop a simple flight plan (take off / camera capture 1 / rotate drone by 45 degrees / camera capture 2 / land) and we have prepared a corresponding MAVLINK file.
Can you please tell us how to execute this flight plan from Android:

  1. GroundSDK Android? We saw that there is support for Mavlink (https://developer.parrot.com/docs/refdoc-android/com/parrot/drone/groundsdk/device/pilotingitf/FlightPlanPilotingItf.html) but is there a simple demo app we can use?
  2. QGroundControl (we could not find how to load and execute Mavlink files)
  3. Anafi/Controller REST API? After connecting to Anafi Wifi, we found a menu to upload the Mavlink file but could not execute it.
  4. Any other way?

I assume we will be able to access the images by connecting to the REST API of the Skycontroller after flight plan is completed.

Thanks in advance,

PS: Another problem is that we cannot find a way to capture from ANAFI thermal camera from MAVLINK, but I guess this is not yet supported.yet

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