Flight Termination System

Hello, per the recommendation of Peter from Parrot:

We are looking for support/insight into shutting down the motors of the ANAFI AI. Preferably through the battery’s USB-C port. This feature is for the Flight Termination System (FTS) of a parachute. This is a regulatory requirement for several countries/customers.


During the sequence of drone failure, we need to stop the propellers from spinning.

We need to stop them from spinning to prevent entanglement with the parachute and prevent laceration to bystanders.

To stop the propellers from spinning, we want to send a MAVLink command to “shut down” through the USB-C unless you suggest another port.

We do this on the DJI M300 through the OSDK’s “Kill Command” and through MAVlink for Ardupilot and PX4.

If you take a look at the below, you will see the M300 example and MAVlink dialect:

(1) M300