Flightplan waypoint realtime creation?

Looking for an option to create a flightplan while flying around - is it possible to add a function that enables the pilot to add a specific position & orientation to a new flightplan? That option would be awesome to have :smiley: !


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Hello Mike,

I’m not sure to understand your request. It seems that the following methods can answer your needs:

  • You can either create a flight plan in MAVLink format (https://developer.parrot.com/docs/mavlink-flightplan/), and send it to the drone using FlightPlanPilotingItf.
  • Or you can send a single waypoint with drone orientation using GuidedPilotingItf.moveToLocation().



Hi @ Thibaut-Martin and thanks for taking the time :slight_smile:

MAVLink is not what I am looking for and I guess the second advise is about programming which I dont do neither nor I am familiar with such commands.

What I am waiting for is a in-flight feature. If I position my bird next to an object with a perfect angle/view I would like to be able to save that exact position to a flight plan as position 1 for example. Then I move the bird to the next waypoint…adjusting the height/angle etc and when all fits perfect I would like to add that position as a second waypoint and so on and so on…

If I for example would like to create a flight plan around a local tower this is quite hard via any kind of map planning. On the phone its a horror cause of the small screen and even on PC via teamspeak screenshare its not very handsome. This takes a looot of flight plan tests…adjustments…testing again…and so on…

Or if I would like to create a flight plan around my motorbike where I need to fly quite close to it to capture some details…this is not possible to plan based on a map as a basis. I need to position the bird in the exact position…then add this postition and view as a waypoint…move slightly to the next position…create second waypoint…and so on…

That would be a killer feature for our little bird I expect :smiley: Isnt this possible to add to the code? Or a “flight plan record mode” where my flight is recorded and saved as a flight plan so I can fly it again and again…I am sooooo interested in any of this feature and it would be awesome if one of those would come our way… :slight_smile:


Hi Parrot Team!

No plannings or ideas on how to implement this?