Flightplan waypoint realtime creation?

Looking for an option to create a flightplan while flying around - is it possible to add a function that enables the pilot to add a specific position & orientation to a new flightplan? That option would be awesome to have :smiley: !


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Hello Mike,

I’m not sure to understand your request. It seems that the following methods can answer your needs:

  • You can either create a flight plan in MAVLink format (https://developer.parrot.com/docs/mavlink-flightplan/), and send it to the drone using FlightPlanPilotingItf.
  • Or you can send a single waypoint with drone orientation using GuidedPilotingItf.moveToLocation().



Hi @ Thibaut-Martin and thanks for taking the time :slight_smile:

MAVLink is not what I am looking for and I guess the second advise is about programming which I dont do neither nor I am familiar with such commands.

What I am waiting for is a in-flight feature. If I position my bird next to an object with a perfect angle/view I would like to be able to save that exact position to a flight plan as position 1 for example. Then I move the bird to the next waypoint…adjusting the height/angle etc and when all fits perfect I would like to add that position as a second waypoint and so on and so on…

If I for example would like to create a flight plan around a local tower this is quite hard via any kind of map planning. On the phone its a horror cause of the small screen and even on PC via teamspeak screenshare its not very handsome. This takes a looot of flight plan tests…adjustments…testing again…and so on…

Or if I would like to create a flight plan around my motorbike where I need to fly quite close to it to capture some details…this is not possible to plan based on a map as a basis. I need to position the bird in the exact position…then add this postition and view as a waypoint…move slightly to the next position…create second waypoint…and so on…

That would be a killer feature for our little bird I expect :smiley: Isnt this possible to add to the code? Or a “flight plan record mode” where my flight is recorded and saved as a flight plan so I can fly it again and again…I am sooooo interested in any of this feature and it would be awesome if one of those would come our way… :slight_smile:


Hi Parrot Team!

No plannings or ideas on how to implement this?



…I am somehow disappointed as DJI has this and exactly THIS is what I mean and would like to have for this wonderful bird, too…

Cant you make that happen or at least tell me this is on the short time roadmap ??


Hi, Meikel

I’m new to Parrot (with an Anafi) but pretty old to DJI. I can not answer directly to your request but maybe indirectly.
If you are also familiar with DJI drones, what I would propose to you is an interface between Litchi waypoints missions and Flightplan missions. With Litchi, it is possible to build a mission in your computer and, then, to virtually fly it in Google Earth, or to build it “live” while flying in the field by dropping waypoints and POIs where needed and to save it for further use.
A friend of mines developped a little program (Windows) which allows to translate Litchi’s missions (saved as .csv format) to the .json format used by FlightPlan for saving missions.

Thus, if you are also user of DJI drones, you can easily build your mission as proposed by DJI and 3rd party apps and fly exactly the same with your Parrot drone. This doesn’t solve your motorcycle shot problem but this is a great improvement with respect to building a mission with FlightPlan in your smartphone.

Let me know if you are interested in…

Interesting…interesting…so what was your reason to switch to the Anafi then? What sounds to me like I am looking for it is your “dropping waypoints…where needed and save it for further use…” unf. I dont know what exactly you mean with “dropping waypoint”…as easy as with DJI by pressing a buttone and the actual location & orientation is saved this sounds not to be…

Interesting as well what your buddy develops but I am not seekig for a tool with which I then can translate missions to a flight plan mission…

I am exactly looking for what can be seen in the video…start flying…set the bird to a position & orientation - save it…fly to the next waypoint…save it…and so on…

The tool your buddy develops does not seem to make this happen neither but I really do appreciate your offering…maybe I just didnt realize how to “drop waypoints” so that I can re-fly them in auto mode again and again.

I think for aereal missions your approach would work but as said I am seeking for object fly-around-missions that I can repeat flying with different camera setting…and I want to fly-by quite close to an object - this is not possible by any planning at the PC using maps, earth etc. I fear…

Any other thoughts ?

Hi @Meikel!

This is an interesting feature, but we don’t have any tool to easily carry it out, and we don’t plan to implement this in the short time roadmap.

However, it’s possible to do it yourself with GroundSdk (if your not familiar with programming, maybe you can find someone that can do it for you).

Here’s what should be done:

  • Get the full drone position, heading and camera tilt from the GroundSdk Gps, Altimeter and Compass Instruments and Gimbal peripheral.
  • Save this data for each waypoint in a MAVLink file.
  • Send this file to the drone using FlightPlanPilotingItf.

Hope this will help you anyway.



This is done and tested. I can share this little program (Windows only) in my Dropbox if needed. This is just an EXE file which doesn’t need installation but needs a Google API key if you intend to convert an AGL Litchi mission.
When I speak about “dropping waypoints” this is indeed with a DJI drone (I didn’t switch to the Anafi and I keep my Mavic and my old Phantom 3). I do not see how to do it with FF6 and the Anafi. But a conversion program like this one is mainly interesting for those pilots who fly the two brands of drones. So with the Anafi, you can only re-fly a mission which has been first recorded and saved “live” with a DJI drone.
If you own only a Parrot drone, the only possible solution to your problem would be a far more complex development based on the Parrot’s SDK.

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Hello, I want this testing program. could you kindly to share with me?

You’ll find it here :

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(private messages are fine for this). Thanks.

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To the moderation : sorry, I didn’t know…