Fly indoorsby code

I would like to fly the drone indoors connecting toit through wi-fi and controlling it with a c# code, do you know how to start?

Thank you very much,


Hi @marcalcazar,

We have no way of connecting a controller to the drone via wifi with c#. Another solution is to use Olympe.

Olympe is an SDK that provides a Python controller programming interface for Parrot ANAFI drones. It can be used to connect to and control a drone from a remote Python script running on a Linux based computer. Olympe is compatible with the following drones from Parrot: ANAFI, ANAFI Thermal, ANAFI USA, and ANAFI AI

You can take a look at Olympe documentation. You can use olympe to make the link between C# and the drone.


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Hey Axelm,

Thanks, I’ve been taking a look at Olympe and I think it’s the way to go now.
I have got another question about this, because I’m trying to install Olympe on my Windows based computer using an Ubuntu terminal and it seems to have some difficulties to work properly. Is using Windows the problem? Are there alternatives to make it work on Windows?

Thank you very much

Olympe is only available for Linux.

Olympe sources are available here here.


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