Flying indoor using the SDK

I am trying to fly the Anafi indoor. But the drone seems to drift away. It seems to be yaw’ing, which I am not providing.

Would setting olympe.enums.ardrone3.Piloting. MoveTo_Orientation_mode help?

How to rectify it? Please advise.

Is orientation_mode only for GPS? How about indoor?


‘MovetoOrientationMode’ is just used by the ‘GuidedPilotingItf’ to orient the drone heading.

Your drone also drift away with FreeFlight ?
Indoors, the lighting, the ground reflection and its uniformity can induce a drift away.
You can test hover over a carpet (with contrasting patterns) or other objects with less reflection.


Yes. It drifts away with FreeFlight as well.

I understand that its a challenge without GPS. But, is there any other way? Is there any way to get the xyz values and fix its heading back to the position?

Meanwhile, I will check if i can change the floor patterns. But I believe it will affect the flight in increasing altitudes anyway!

Changing the floor patterns doesn’t seem to help much. Besides, it is difficult to change the lighting and the floor patterns in my place.

Even the Ryze’s tello seem to work with changing floor patterns, not the Anafi.

I really like the Anafi as a platform. But definitely not for indoor use.

It drifts away real bad. The SDK is not flexible enough to get the attitude in real-time. Video stream seems to have issues. Disappointed guys!!!

Please let me know if there is any other way to stabilize its position while flying indoor using the SDK. I can’t keep holding on to this drone assuming that it will work indoor. Apologize for being emotional. But this is my personal project and I have spent my money on it and I am trying to create something with it along with my deep learning modules. If it is of no use for indoor flight, I better sell this now and make some $$ before its too old.