Flying Parrot Anafi Autonomously


I have a Parrot Anafi drone. I want to fly it autonomously. For example I want it to track a circle trajectory, or a square path autonomously.
I also have a Vicon Tracker Camera Systems in the area that I fly the drone. By using Vicon Tracker Camera Systems I can know the position of the drone.
How can I make the autonomously flight ?
Which tools should I use?
How can I build the control algorithm ?


Hi @ulas96,

I think you should take a look at Olympe.

Olympe is an SDK that provides a Python controller programming interface for Parrot ANAFI drones. It can be used to connect to and control a drone from a remote Python script running on a Linux based computer.

You can’t run a script in the ANAFI drone - you need a controller. If you want to, you can do so with an ANAFI AI. You can create a mission with Air SDK and fly the drone autonomously.


Hi @Axelm

OK. I should design a controller. Can I use MATLAB in order to design a controller ?
Do you have an advise in order to design a closed loop controller?
And I am curious about connecting Parrot ANAFI by using MATLAB. Is such a thing possible ?

Thanks a lot

@Axelm ,
I have the same issue too. I have ANAFI and Vicon Tracker System and I want my ANAFI to fly autonomously. I know I need a controller and I am trying to design my controller in MATLAB.
But I do not know if ANAFI support MATLAB.
I also do not know how can I connect ANAFI Drone by using MATLAB.
Can you help please
Thank you in advance

Hi @ulas96 and @Ahmed,

I think Python is a good choice for your application. You can control your drone with Olympe and you can use MATLAB with Python. You can work on MATLAB and deploy your controller on Python, or you can use MATLAB API directly with Python. There are a lot of examples on the internet.


Okay @Axelm I am going to try that way.
Thanks a lot

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