Follow me in Sphinx / Olympe

Hey there!

I’m thinking of implementing the follow me feature from scratch as I cannot find it to use it in Sphinx/Gazebo + Olympe. Is there any similar action available or some way to emulate the Follow Me action from the official app?

Thanks in advance!

Hello there,

Just to clarifies things (the title of your topic and its category don’t match), do you want to emulate the follow me using Olympe or the GroundSDK Mobile ?

In any case, the Follow Me feature of the official FreeFlight app is not part of the GroundSDK (GroundSDK Mobile or Olympe). So either way you’ll have to implement it on top of the SDK.

With Olympe I think you can quickly prototype a FollowMe feature with the OpenPose opensource/non-free project (just have a look at their license first as it might bring too much restriction for your use case).


Hey @ndessart!

I’ve just found this feature in Olympe about Follow Me. Can you throw me some light on it?



To put more context on the Follow-Me feature, the feature is split in two parts:

  • Visual tracking: This part is handled by FreeFlight 6, and is not part of GroundSDK. Its job is to track a target in the video stream of the drone, and report its position in the frame to the drone. The results are sent to the drone via the target_image_detection command. This is the part you would need to reimplement, maybe based on suggestions from Nicolas (the other one).

  • Following modes: These are controlled by the other commands in the Follow Me feature you’ve seen. For this mode to work, you need to have a valid target, which can come either from the visual tracking, or from the pilot gps (or both, ideally). The set_target_is_controller command allow switching between controller tracking (i.e. the drone will use the gps/barometer measurements that the controller can send as target informations), and ‘non-controller’ tracking (visual only).

Be aware that the feature was designed with visual tracking in mind, and that almost all modes require the visual tracking to run properly.