Free flight doesn't see the drone while it is connected with wifi

I have followed all the steps in the documentation, I have seen the wifi name of the AP created by sphinx from my mobile, but free flight doesn’t see the drone!
any help please?


Have you tried without the front camera? It may cause issues with low-end GPUs.

sphinx /opt/parrot-sphinx/usr/share/sphinx/drones/bebop2.drone::with_front_cam=false

Hi ocrave,
I ran sphinx with front camera disabled and with low GPU.
I can connect to the AP created by sphinx from the mobile phone(I can see the network), also I can see the simulated drone on sphinx, but when I open FreeFlight, it can’t detect it, I tried with other mobile, the same result.
I followed all the documentation, and it didn’t work.
what could be the reason?, I’m still blocked for a few days.

Which version of FreeFlight are you using? You must install that one to connect to a Bebop 2:

Thanks Pro!!
it is working now! I can control it with this App!
but, why didn’t you mention that in the documentation?
also, I need to use my front camera, but when I try to open sphinx with the with_front_cam = true it doesn’t work.
what should I do to make the front camera working?

I am afraid that if your GPU is not supported by gazebo, the front camera may not work. It is due to the fact that multiple renderings are performed to generate fisheye images that are then sent to the firmware. You could try adding the option low_gpu=true to lower the quality and see if that works better.

Thank you very much for your help!
it seems that my VGA card GTX-460M is not enough.
I have another question, I will be thankful to you if you answer me, I connected my android app with your sdk, I successfully connected to the drone, but my app is using the internet, so I cannot use it anymore.
I know that I can connect to the drone using the Bluetooth but this option is bad for my demo as the speed is slow and the range is limited.
So, what are other options that I could use to connect to the drone using the sdk and still connected to the internet?
also is the real drone that I will buy is act like the simulator? will it create an access point that I can connect to? or will it connect to the same network that I connect to?
Thank you very much for your help!

This is a known limitation of the SDK. For now, the only “easy” way to be connected to both the drone and the internet is by using a SkyController 2 (or 2P).

BTW, you cannot use bluetooth to connect to a Bebop/Bebop2, it’s only for the minidrones (like the Mambo) :wink:

Yes, the simulator acts in the same way as a drone will do :wink:



Thank you very much for the clarification!
but I read some articles that the drone can connect to a wifi network as client, is this possible?
check this:

and this:

Some people have done it, but it is not officially supported, so we (Parrot) won’t consider this as a use case in our answers :wink:

Our policy about this is pretty simple: as long as the modification seems “easy to do” and should not cause harm to the drone, we will let the posts about it exists on this forum, but we won’t endorse them (i.e. try at your own risks). Remember that any modification to the drone firmware is a warranty breaking action :wink:

Regarding the wiki pages on the samples github, I’m highly tempted to delete them as they seem much more “officials” than they really are. They were created by the community, not by Parrot employees, and such should be considered with the same care as any user post on this forum.

I’m very thankful to your help Nicolas!
what about the Virtual ethernet option? is it limited to Sphinx, can we use it on real drones?

Hi Nicolas!
The forum isn’t working anymore! I can’t post any question? I’m blocked and have question for several days and it keeps returning internal server error when trying to post new question.