FreeFlight 7/Openflight Android Release

Is there an expected date for the release of the Android versions of the FreeFlight 7 app and the Openflight SDK? We recently acquired an Anafi Ai but would like to not be dependent on ios devices for operating the drone on the app and developing our own software.

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FreeFlight 7 and OpenFlight for Android are not on any short-term roadmap.

However, this does not mean that you cannot use an Android device to control the drone, since GroundSDK is already available for Android, and we have a few examples available as well.

These are obviously not as complete as the OpenFlight iOS code (particularly on the UI side), but provide a solid base on how to use GroundSDK in an Android application.


Thank you for your answer. This is very disappointing to read, specially considering the misleading message “Your FreeFlight7 App will be available soon” that appears when opening the App QR Code on Android.

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