FreeFlight Pro not connecting to Virtual Drone in Sphinx

I have installed and set up the Sphinx simulator on Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS.
Everything works, except when I choose the simulator virtual access point from FreeFlight Pro as the drone to connect to, it just spins the propeller icon forever and never gets any further.

In the Sphinx launching terminal window all messages are positive and it announces “All drones instantiated”. Everything in Gazebo is working OK.

The SkyController2 works fine with a real drone.
Are there any diagnostics I can access to see why FreeFlight Pro cannot talk to the virtual drone in Sphinx?

I can connect to the virtual access point from a PC, ping, etc.
localhost:9002 all looking OK.

I get the same behaviour from iPad as from Android smartphone, after reboots, etc.


With a SkyController, you have to force the use of 2.4 GHz channel as explained here:
Have you tried this?

Thank you for your advice.

Yes - I have tried this.
My “Drone” file has the <wifi_channel>7<wifi_channel> setting (to avoid interference from an access point on Channel 6).

By the way, should I be able to access/control the simulated drone (such as BeBop) just from a spartphone? (without the Skycontroller2). When I try this from FreeFlight Pro, it just takes me to the WiFi settings App in which I can see I am connected to the Sphinx AP already.

When the smartphone or iPad is connected to the Skycontroller Pro (and DISCONNECTED from the simulator AP), I just see the red flashing light for ever.

It turns out my Sphinx version was 0.9.21
After updating to version 1.2.1, I am now able to connect to a virtual “Bebop 2”.
However, trying to connect to the virtual Disco (Evinrude) still results in the eternal wait by the Skycontroller 2 with the red light flashing.

I managed to connect to the virtual Disco by downloading and specifying a slightly earlier version of the firmware.

The latest firmware is 1.7.1 - and I was unable to connect to to it, but with firmware version 1.7.0 I am able to connect to and fly the virtual Disco.