Ftp2.parrot.biz is painfully slow


I had been installing Sphinx 2.3 and the UE4 apps prior to the holidays, but downloading the packages from the parrot FTP site was abysmally slow back then. Trying it again a month later, the result is the same. I also verified with a colleague that they are having the same issue offsite (outside of the office), so it is not limited to my local connection. Can you see any issue on Parrot’s side? Is there another mirror to try?

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Get:1 ftp://ftp2.parrot.biz/deb bionic/ parrot-sphinx 2.3 [227 MB]
27% [1 parrot-sphinx 8,924 kB/227 MB 4%]            
42.4 kB/s 1h 25min 41s

Hello, there is no mirror , but you can download everything locally and use local ressources most of the time. No need to re-download each time, except when we update the tools.

I never let it finish because just downloading sphinx and the empty UE4 application was going to take hours and I needed to install security updates for example. I’ll let it go overnight. I just wanted to see if anyone else was running into this issue and to bring it to your attention.


Can confirm, they are indeed very slow.
It takes about an hour to download each one.
Don’t forget to download the firmware of the drone as well, as the automatic download does not keep it cached for future runs.

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