Full-Custom Guidance Mode, Body Frame


I’m trying to write a full-custom guidance mode using the stereo camera, I’ve managed to move the drone using the NED frame and I’d like to make it move relatively to its body frame. How could I do that ?

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Hi e267,

There is currently no way to send a position trajectory reference to drone controller directly in the body frame. The only frames of reference available are the local and the global frames (see Glossary - 7.1 for more info on these 2 frames).

However one simple way to do it is to get the position and rotation of the drone in the local frame for instance, and use them to convert your body frame trajectory into a local frame trajectory before sending it to drone controller.

You can find the drone position and rotation relatively to the local frame and the NED vector basis in the drone_controller section of the telemetry (see Telemetry list - 7.1).


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Thank you !

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