Further suggestions

Hello there,
I am a happy owner of a Parrot Anafi: it’s a great drone. I own a Phantom 4 Pro and a Spark too, but when I met Anafi I really fall in love.
(Actually somewhere I have an AR Drone too…)

BUT there are some things that I’d like to point at, and maybe you could fix with next updates.

  1. It’s very handy to turn on automatically the controller as you open it, but since I use a tablet (with an extender to hold it) I’d like to switch the controller off with a button, instead of unmounting the tablet…

  2. On the drone, I’d like to have a switching system “DJI style”, so I can check the battery level without unmounting it, and I could avoid to switch it on accidentally.

  3. I’d like to have a sound alert for:

  • Recording start/stop (very loud!) as well as photo trigger.
  • Battery low warning
  • SD card full
  • RTH triggered
  • Geofencing alert
  1. The possibility to set with the app the battery level alert (I.E. 10%).

  2. A couple of useful flying modes:

  • Course lock
  • Home lock
  • Fixed POI

Thank you for your attention. You are making an awesome job.

Leonardo Conti


I guess it could be changed with a software/firmware update… no?

I feel your pain with the on/off switch. I use tablet with extender me too.



For the battery level, you can just keep the button pressed and it lights up the battery level as long as you keep the finger on the power button, without powering up the drone.