Gazebo Simulation Anafi

I developed an Olympe/ROS interface. Now I would like to use Gazebo to simulate an Anafi drone so I can start to develop my waypoint navigation algorithm in simulation.
Do you have any idea how I can achieve ?


if I understand correctly, you just want to simulate an Anafi with Gazebo. have you tried Sphinx? This SDK is made precisely for that. (

Good day.

Hello Amaury,

Yes I tried Sphinx but UE4 is far too resource demanding for my computer.
That’s is why I want to go on Gazebo.



Sphinx can’t run without Unreal.
However, there are several options you can try to speed up the simulation: How to speed the simulation up - 2.5.1

Thanks to you I managed to have a playable simulation.
Is it possible to add objects to the simulation like cubes or images like QR Code ?

You can’t create you own worlds, or spawn objects others than drones, pedestrians, and vehicles.
If you add vehicles in the scene, you can apply custom tags on them: Populate the scene with actors - 2.5.1

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