General Question about Programming Capabilities in Ground SDK

Hi I was wondering if the Anafi Base Drone ($449 on Amazon) is able to be programmed with the documentation provided, or can we only program with the other Anafi models (AI, Thermal, USA, etc.)?

If the Anafi Base Drone can be programmed I was wondering if it would be possible to code the following functionalities:

  • Drone follows your you/your smartphone autonomously
  • Drone motion can be controlled from your phone

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Colin Elliott

I never got a clear answer on this ethier from this forum (forum is pretty dead and the main guys almost never respond to “newbies” in my experience. Which is a real shame) However, if you read the Anafi product page on their website you will see this section:

Screenshot 2022-02-23 121600

Which, from this i can gather that the Base Anafi is compatible with the GroundSDK. Using this assumption i have been testing my Anafi with the GroundSDK for Android, and it seems to function (for the most part) - so i think the answer is yes but with some caveats to functionality.

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Thanks Zanzy, just purchased the Anafi base drone for a university project (the other Anafi models are way too expensive). I was just worried that I would purchase it and then come to find out that it wasn’t compatible with the ground SDK.

But this gives me confidence that I’ll be able to program it with the GroundSDK documentation.

It would be nice if the Parrot guys could clear this up for us.

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Each Anafi drone (base, AI, Thermal, USA…) can be programmed with the same SDK ( which is a real advantage. There is an SDK for PC to program in Python (Olympe), but also a ground SDK for mobile application.

Yes, you can program this feature by retrieving, for example, the GPS position of the phone and sending it to the drone to follow it (with moveTo). I mostly use Olympe and so it seems doable in Python.

I haven’t used Ground SDK very much, but this SDK allows you to create the same application as FreeFlight 6, so yes you can control the drone with it. On the other hand, I don’t think it’s possible to program the previous functionality using only the Ground SDK, to be tested.

I hope I have answered your questions.

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Thanks Amaury, I was about to start coding in Android Studio but after reading your post I looked into the documentation a little more and realized it doesn’t appear motion can be controlled in the mobile app/Ground SDK. So I’ll use Olympe for autonomous flight functionality.
Thanks for saving me a lot of time and energy!

One thing - Is there any way to code in Olympe using Java, or is Python the language I have to use?

Colin Elliott

To my knowledge Olympe is a Python library, and cannot be used on Java.

Good luck with your project.


i don’t know about this… my FreeFlight 6 app has motion control and autonomous flight scheduling, tracking, person detection using the camera … so - it should be possible.


The functionalities available to GroundSDK Mobile and Olympe are pretty similar, and you should be able to do what you want to do with either.
Typically, basic drone motion can be controller by the ManualCopterPilotingItf class on GroundSDK Android.


Thanks Nicolas! I’ll be using Ground SDK then!

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