Generating parametrized random worlds

Hello there!

I am willing to train a visual navigation algorithm with Sphinx + Parrot Anafi. To this end, I would like to build a training set that has multiple situations so that the algorithm doesn’t overfit to the ones I manually build.

Therefore, an automated way of doing this is by generating random parametrized use cases i.e. a world with an office with two doors and two pedestrians walking around. Is there any tool or functionality to bootstrap this? Do you know any example already done in Sphinx/Gazebo similar to the maze generation algorithm?

Thanks in advance!

The Willow Garage world already looks like an office maze:

sphinx /opt/parrot-sphinx/usr/share/gazebo-7.0/worlds/ packages/worlds/drones/anafi4k.drone::pose="50 0 0.2 0 0 0"

Another example that comes to mind is the simple cafe example from gazebo’s codebase: Actors randomly walking around a simple cafe in Gazebo - YouTube

You can use gazebo’s own building editor to generate random office layouts: Gazebo : Tutorial : Building Editor

You have probably seen this already:

You can also convert OpenStreetMap data into .world files but they would only contain buildings as blocks: