Get Live Battery Capacity Information

Hi All,

I am new to Parrot SDK, I am using Olympe and would like to get live Current (Ampere) drawn using the API, however, it looks like olympe.messages.battery.capacity only updates on “connect” and when I try to get capacity information after connect using [drone.get_state(capacity)], it does NOT return updated info.

Has anyone come across this issue and was able to fix it? Alternatively, AirSDK mentions “current” as one of the other telemetry values, is there a way to get that using Olympe?

Hi @Tului2020,

Unfortunately, it’s no possible to get live Current with Olympe and the olympe.messages.battery.capacity is only supported on Anafi Ai.

Yes, current is available in the drone telemetry but only with an Air SDK mission (only available with Anafi Ai).


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