getFeatureAnimation not working on sphinx

I’m trying to test getFeatureAnimation functions on Sphinx, but non of them seems to work.
Does Sphinx support these type of commands?

// Not working on bebop2 on sphinx 
deviceController.getFeatureAnimation().sendStartSpiral((byte) 1, (float) 10, (float) 2, (float) 3, (float) 2, ARCOMMANDS_ANIMATION_PLAY_MODE_ENUM.NORMAL);

//Not working on bebop2 on sphnix 
deviceController.getFeatureAnimation().sendStartParabola((byte) 1, 100, 5, ARCOMMANDS_ANIMATION_PLAY_MODE_ENUM.NORMAL);

Hello Mahmoud and happy new year!

This command should work with sphinx if the drone is in the correct state. Have you followed the procedure described there?