Getting started with the GroundSDK for Android

I have been following the Android “Ground SDK Hello Drone Tutorial” located on the parrot developer sample site

I have made it so far that I am now ready to attempt to test the connection the drone.

However, I don’t understand how the actual phone connects to the drone. Having developed for a similar sized DJI drone before, you connected the phone via USB to the controller and then the controller essentially worked as an interface to the drone in terms of transmitting data, giving waypoint missions etc. But I can’t find any explanation for what the physical prerequisites are for getting the code in the sample code to actually establish a connection, like “connect the phone via USB cable to the controller and turn on the drone…” etc.

TL; DR: What are the physical prerequisites for getting the Ground SDK Hello Drone Tutorial to successfully connect to the drone? Do I need to be on the WiFI hotspot of the drone with my Android device or does the connection happen through the controller? (Or can I do both?)

Thanks in advance :smiley:

Drone: Parrot ANAFI
Controller: SkyController 3
Android Device: OnePlus 8 Pro


Once you start the AutoConnection facility (in the “Drone connection” section of the tutorial), the SDK will attempt to connect to the drone by the best available mean : you can either have your phone connected to the drone wifi access point, or have a usb connection to a SkyController already paired with your drone (this tutoriel does not cover the manual SkyController/Drone pairing process).

Obviously, the “Remote control” part will only work if you’re connected to a SkyController via USB.


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