Goundsdk-tools Alchemy build issue - sdl2

I’m trying to build pdraw via the instructions provided for Groundsdk-tools (Installation - 7.4), but I end up stuck because the build script checks for required dependencies and fails to find sdl2.
This results in :

Scanning /home/gautier/dev/anafimain/videoswitch/groundsdk-tools/packages for makefiles…
Found 51 makefiles
Found 156 modules
Computing modules dependencies…
Checking modules dependencies…
/home/gautier/dev/anafimain/videoswitch/groundsdk-tools/build/alchemy/main.mk:366: *** /home/gautier/dev/anafimain/videoswitch/groundsdk-tools/packages/pdraw/apps/pdraw_desktop: module ‘pdraw’ depends on unknown module ‘sdl2’. Stop.
[E] Command failed (returncode=2)

Libsdl2 is installed on my system, my guess is that the lib should be somewhere in the packages subdirectory along with an atom.mk file, but it is nowhere to be found.
Any recommandations ?


Alchemy uses pkg-config to find the host modules like sdl2. You can test its presence by calling pkg-config sdl2 --print-errors directly. If an error is printed, it means that sdl2 is not properly installed.

It should be installed by the libsdl2-dev package, which is part of the installation requirements.


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