GPS accuracy when using Python

Some basics about my project. The easiest way to explain my project is to describe it using a drone as a watchdog. I plan to fly a drone to the GPS-location, check the area, and then fly back to the home. Problem is that the drone’s “home” is a small area that should recharge the drone’s battery. For that, I would need a really accurate landing. I have used the moveTo() command on Python and for me, it is too inaccurate. It will bring the drone close to the area, but it inside a 1-meter circle and It should be way closer so I could think about an automatic recharge station. If anyone is interested, I am planning to use some kind of wireless charger. One part is integrated into the drone and another part is on the drone’s base.

Is there a way to get better accuracy with GPS or am I doing something wrong?
I am using command drone(moveTo(66.13245794959545,2.76998869955565,0.2,0,0)) with my real GPS coordinates.
and I print GPS with print(“GPS position after 1 :”, drone.get_state(PositionChanged))

I think you have make a personal research about it. May be other brands can help you. New drones like DJI Agras T16 are not facing this issue. I’m not saying that parrot is not a good option but you have to think on. here is a resource that can help you to improve GPS because there can be problems in your connecting device.

That drone has a GPS-RTK system, so it can be as accurate as 2cm EPE, but it also costs at least $15,000. 1m EPE with WAAS is pretty good for a drone under $1,000 (IMHO). Maybe that DJI drone is not a fair comparison? For that amount of money you could add a GPS-RTK board to the Anafi, but you’d need your own software (like RTKlib) and another GPS receiver or an RTK network data connection.

Indeed, GPS accuracy is about 16ft :

GPS-RTK board sounds interesting. I might try that at some point.

I realized that I didn’t mean just GPS. What I meant were GPS and GLONASS together. When using both of them it should be quite accurate, maybe not accurate enough. I finally had a day when it wasn’t too windy and I got this log out:

one3.PilotingState.moveToChanged(latitude=66.13261413574219, 25.769664764404297
GPS position after 2 : OrderedDict([(‘latitude’, 66.13261343283223, 25.76966481069248)

Based on that it seems that my drone does not fly exactly where it should. It just flies close enough.

Currently, I am making a workaround where the drone flies close enough and after that computer will recognize a landing spot and directs the drone directly to that.

Any system not using RTK will be around 2-3m accurate in position based from GPS, Glonass … so this is perfectly normal result
Yes, computer vision dramatically improve the accuracy, especially if you have a known pattern like a target on the ground