GPS Update Frequency

Is there a way to get GPS updates faster than 1hz? It seems some of the telemetry is at 5hz according to this doc:

5hz would be acceptable.


I am sorry but this is not possible. Ground SDK forwards GPS updates as fast as they are received from the drone; there is no way to tell the drone to send GPS updates faster than what you observe.

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If you run code onboard does it also have a 1hz update rate? If so, does this mean the actual GPS sensor on the drone updates at 1hz? How does the onboard flight controller navigate waypoints reliably if so?

With onboard AirSDK missions the available location is update at the autopilot rate (200Hz).

This is the location computed by the fusion of multiple sensors. The GPS itself updates at 5Hz.

If the GPS itself updates at 5hz, is it possible to update the drone firmware to send these updates to the Ground SDK at 5hz since there is already other telemetry that updates at this rate? This is a critical feature for enabling virtual stick control, which is the basis for how Dronelink (I am the CEO) is able to offer advanced mission planning and execution (beyond the basics that are possible with uploading waypoints).

This is a modification we do not intend to do. The 1Hz sending period was chosen as a tradeoff for various radio conditions.

However if you need a location that updates more frequently and you have the front camera stream enabled, the location is part of the video embedded metadata which you can retrieve through the video or metadata sink API.

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