Ground SDK available capabilities (Mobile app)



I am interested in developing a mobile app (ideally Android) that would control an Anafi Parrot drone, and for that I need a few features to be available on the Ground or Air SDK (maybe the upcoming OpenFlight if that is more suitable).
I downloaded the sample Android apps and had a look around the documentation but couldn’t find much about the following functionalities that I would like to control using the SDK, so I hope it is OK to ask if they are available here:

  1. send Virtual Joystick commands (this basically mimics the behavior of the actual controller and sends the drone virtual joystick controls to move the drone as if you were actually pushing the joysticks, where you send 4 float values to indicate the pitch, roll, yaw and thrust values).

  2. get Drone Coordinates (obtain current GPS location (latitude, longitude) of the drone. This needs to be done at real time and ideally at a fairly high rate 2+Hz).

  3. get/set Drone Heading (Yaw) (know the heading of the drone with respect to the magnetic or true north).

  4. get/set Drone Height (get the current height of the drone, either regarding the ground or the take off position. I believe, some drones use the barometric pressure to calculate said height, but I could be wrong).

  5. get/set Gimbal tilt angle (adjust the angle of the camera gimbal so you can make it look up/down to a specific degree).

  6. get/set Camera Zoom (adjust the digital zoom of the camera (1x, 2x, etc.))

  7. start/stop video recording (SD Card) (simply put, start/stop any video recording session and store the resulting file inside the micro SD card)

  8. set Drone Speed (for safety purposes, limit the max speed at which the drone can move).

Not having them all available is no deal breaker, but I would like to know what I would be able to control using the SDK and what I can’t.
If perhaps the Anafi doesn’t provide this functionality but other Parrot drones do, I would be glad to hear that as well.

Any pointers would be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Air SDK is for Anafi Ai only.
Please see my answer for GroundSDK :

  1. we currently don’t piloting with virtual sticks on Anafi.

  2. Gps (groundsdk 1.8.1 API)

  3. Compass (groundsdk 1.8.1 API)

  4. Altimeter (groundsdk 1.8.1 API)

  5. Gimbal (groundsdk 1.8.1 API)

  6. CameraZoom (groundsdk 1.8.1 API)

  7. Camera (groundsdk 1.8.1 API)

  8. GuidedPilotingItf.Directive.Speed (groundsdk 1.8.1 API)


Thank you so much for such a detailed reply.
I will look into the links you provided.

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