Ground SDK Integration

If we use ground SDK to view video and control the anafi, can we also somehow get the video stream to another application like VLC?

I have managed to achieve this with Freeflight by following advice in this forum and I was wondering if Ground SDK would be the same (if not hopefully easier)

The end goal is to get this second application sending AI object detections to the Ground SDK application.

Second Question: If we created this GroundSDK-based app, could we also add control of other drones like Mavlink-based drones or DJI? It would be nice for us to have one app that could control lots of types.

Been wondering this myself as well. I develop in Unity and Androd Studio and would love a Ground-SDK implementation. Most of what i’ve seen is for PC pythons apps :confused:

You can stream to VLC since VLC support the both RTP and RTSP.
The DJI has different SDK. This is the Parrot SDK forum. So I am not sure who can support this problem. Also DJI has huge different selection so I think that you need really good skill to drill it.

Hi @CherryPie, thank you for your feedback. Yes I understand it’s a different SDK and implementation, but i was wondering if the general app source code provided by Ground SDK could be modified to support other drones or if its locked down to only support Parrot.

You can build a mobile app that integrates Parrot Ground Sdk and DJI Mobile SDK
Most of the drone apps on the store does that.

Regarding the video, the stream only goes to one client (sdk or rtsp client) at the same time.
You would need to “restream” to get the stream at 2 different clients

In this kind of cases, developer actually combine both SDK together for one program. So it will be very heavy program but it is possible. I am not sure parrot will not support to build your desired program. Also individual developer usually not have different kinds of drone so it also problem.
If you need this kind of software, there will be multiple non-free software exists.

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