Ground SDK Sample - RC and Live Stream Conflict


Just to reiterate, Ground SDK sample is the program that uses AutoConnection to connect to a drone, returns the connection state of the drone and a remote controller and their battery levels, renders the camera live stream, and has the take off / land button (Ground SDK Hello Drone Tutorial - 7.7).

I followed the directions in creating the proper Android Studio project, modifying the app/build.gradle file, and pasting in all the Kotlin code, but when I ran it, I found that I was unable to view the live stream when connected to the Sky Controller 3.

When I connect the phone to the drone via WiFi, I am able to see the live stream, but when I try to wire the phone to the controller and let the controller connect to the drone via WiFi, the app is able to display the connection states and battery levels of both the drone and the controller, the take off / land button still works, but the live stream freezes. Is there a way to fix this issue so that the stream can be seen in the app while the drone is controlled by the Sky Controller 3, just as in the Free Flight 6 app?

I believe it was, since I was creating it through Android Studio. I should say now that this is no longer a problem. I’m not sure how finicky the connection is, but I found that the system has to be configured in a certain way to work. The drone and the controller have to be connected before the controller is wired to the phone. This is the configuration in which I was able to see the drone status, remote status, and still be able to see the livestream.

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