GroundSDK Won't build

I’m having trouble getting groundsdk-android building in Android Studio. It starts with a problem about plugin: ‘’, but if I get around that, I run into other problems. Has anybody had luck on this?


There is a typo in the generated documentation. The correct version number is: 7.0.0
In your build.gradle:

implementation ‘com.parrot.drone.groundsdk:groundsdk:7.0.0’
runtimeOnly ‘com.parrot.drone.groundsdk:arsdkengine:7.0.0’

Thanks for your response, Jerome. I put those lines in the build.gradle file of the groundsdk project as well as the groundsdkdemo project, but still got the same result (Plugin with id ‘’ not found.)
I put the lines in the dependencies section. Am I doing it wrong? I would not be surprised if I were. :slight_smile:
Also running into an error with the first line of build.gradle in groundsdk.

import org.gradle.util.VersionNumber


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