Gst-pdraw issue and pdraw vsink logs

Hello everyone,

After some testing with the pdraw gstreamer source, I"m encountering an issue where the module returns the following error in the GST logs : “failed to get first frame for negotiation”, which seems to make the entire pipeline inoperable. (it occurs after a media is added, thus when the host is connected to the Anafi)

After a cursory scan through the sources, the problem seems to originate from somewhere in the vsink, however, I’m having some trouble accessing the logs from ulog. I built the ulogcat utility and tried to read the ‘main’ buffer, however nothing seems to go through.

  • Is the issue with the gst pdraw source a known problem ?
  • And is there documentation on how to access the logs from pdraw and its vsink ?

Thanks in advance, and best regards

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