Guidance Trigger.TICK

Hello Parrot,

I implemented a custom guidance mode for landing. Everything worked fine in the simulator, but in real life the drone became totally unresponsive and hovered in place. In the logs, I can see it correctly leaves the custom landing phase when I move the sticks (I implemented state transitions with pcmd events). I had to grab it out of the air. I was able to find the root of the problem here:

When I used Trigger.TICK as a source, it failed in real life (but not in the simulator!!)

    def get_triggers(self):
        return (gdnc_core.Trigger.TICK, 30, 1)

I changed this to the following, which seems to work fine in both sim and real:

    def get_triggers(self):
        return (gdnc_core.Trigger.TIMER, 5, 5)

For now I can work with this, but I’m curious to find out how the TICK timer should have been used.

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