GuidedFlight moveToLocation doesn´t work

I have a problem with GuidedFlight since the Anafi Update to 1.6.8. My drone doesn´t move but should continuus follow the gps position from my smartphone. Every second my app sends the new coordinates and calls the flying command listed below. Coordinates and altitude are both in Range of max 50m. I testet it on parrot Sphinx with Version 1.6.7 and it works how it should. At my last try in March with Version 1.6.7, it works too. Now the drone stands in the air. In the Log the guidedpilotingItf and the manualpilotingItf switches permanenly between IDLE and Active. I tried to update GroundSDK, reset the drone and to fly to one single coordinate, nothing works. I hope you have a solution for me. Thanks

    fun fly(latLng: LatLng, high:Double,orientation: GuidedPilotingItf.LocationDirective.Orientation){
    val its: GuidedPilotingItf?= drone?.getPilotingItf(
    val altimeter: Altimeter?=drone?.getInstrument(
    if(altimeter?.absoluteAltitude!=null) {