H.264 Live stream profile

Working with olympe it sends a high profile h.264 stream (profile_idc = 77). Is it possible to change the live stream to a baseline profile using one of the Video stream mode’s?

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The h.264 video profile is not imposed by Olympe but by the video encoder of the (real or simulated) drone.

I am pretty sure you can’t change the live video stream h.264 profile for a simulated Anafi (with Sphinx).
I don’t think its possible for a physical Anafi either. @Nicolas, @Akaaba, what do you think? Thanks

Anyway, @ResponderAir why would you want to do that?

Baseline profile would work with my low latency video solution.


the H.264 profile used by Anafi is main profile (profile_idc = 77).
The encoding features are:

  • no interlacing
  • no B-frames
  • slice encoding
  • intra-refresh (no I-frames)
  • non-ref frames

It is not possible to change this; only the resolutions changes when switching between photo/video modes (720p for video mode, XGA for photo mode).


I am unsuccessfully trying to relay Anafi video to a browser through webrtc. I think it may be that the profile constraints are just unsupported. Before putting the question to rest and re-encoding the video in a more compatible profile I would like to know the profile-level-Id. The fact that it is main seems to not be enough and I lack the constraint iops and the level, although I think level is more or less easy to figure.

Thanks in advance

The profile-level-id value is 0x4d 0x40 0x28 (i.e. profile=77, constraint_set1_flag=1, other constraint flags 0, level=4.0).

However these values are not advertised in the SDP, if this is what you were looking for.

Yes, thanks.

The profile is not supported by most browsers. In the end i just transcode the video to VP8 and everything works for WebRTC.
Maybe Parrot would consider VP8 as an endpoint for RTSP.