Having trouble with installing the AirSDK mission onto simulated drone

Can I get some help finding a solution to the problem I am having when I am trying to upload to a mission to the drone via the AirSDK. When I was testing on previous versions of AirSDK I was not having any issues.

Since cleaning my repo and updating to version 7.3 I have been having the error I have attached in the screenshot.

I have followed the steps provided in the installation and Hello Drone. The mission builds but I am unable to install it onto the drone as seen by the screenshot.

The error is a 555 which is not on the list of error in the parrot troubleshooting page.

Found the error.

This can happen when there is a version mismatch between the airsdk, the ue4 environment and sphinx.

I was using sphinx with an old firmware I had on my local machine

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