Hello the battery of my parrot anafi ai turns off after 3 minutes

I was working with my parrot anafi ai drone, I went out to take some pictures of some photovoltaic panels, my smart phone disconnected and I landed it with the control… Then I connected it to my pc to work in ROS2 and after a few minutes it disconnects, has anyone else had this problem, I rebooted the drone and nothing. I left it a quiet day without using it, but the next day the same thing happened, it connects for a few minutes and then turns off, if you know what could have happened I am grateful.

Hi @jotalcz90,

When you say that your drone disconnects, are you talking about the actual disconnection of the wifi/4G or the shutdown of the drone? (because your title talks about the battery and the drone shutting down).

Could you provide the logs of the drone ?