Help: Sending MAVLink messages to a simulated drone in Sphinx

I’m trying to send MAVLink messages from a computer to a simulated drone in Sphinx (on the same computer) but I can’t get it working. Configuration and things I’ve tried:

  • Used the “anafi_ai.done” with the firmware “anafi2-pc” from the Parrot FTP server.
  • Tried both ports 14550 and 14551 (mentioned here) with the drone IP
  • tried the fd_veth0 IP of
  • tried hard coding a specific wifi_interface to ensure that the mavlink functionality is turned on (mentioned in the linked post above)

I do have an Anafi drone which I have been able to successfully send mavlink messages to, but I want to use Sphinx to simulate if possible. Can someone give me a minimal working example , or at least all of the configuration required i.e port, specific firmware to use, wifi interface setup etc? Documentation is a bit unclear about setup for local communication, and any other posts here on the subject are either partial answers or the answers have been removed.

Thank you fro the assistance!

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