Help with connecting a BT flight controller to demo app

Hello Team Parrot,

Can anyone in the forum help guide us in connecting our Bluetooth flight controller, Fluidity’s FT Aviator, to the Parrot Anafi stack in order to fly a demo? We have mature iOS and Android code for another drone flight control platform, but we really want to be able to access the great qualities of the Anafi. Our controller is remarkably intuitive and precise, and would make for a wonderful pairing. Thanks!



Anafi is connectable via wifi and the remote control SkyController3 is connectable via USB, the Bluetooth is free to be connected to your flight controller.

The best way seems to be; your flight controller connected to your application via Bluetooth; your application using GroundSdk to forward commands to the skycontroller3 via usb and the skycontroller3 piloting the Anafi drone via wifi.

To connect devices, the easiest way is to use AutoConnection (iOS/Android):

  • Monitor the AutoConnection Facility (iOS/Android)
  • Start AutoConnection (iOS/Android)
  • In the observer, check the drone connected (iOS/Android) and the remoteControl connected (iOS/Android) to use them.

To pilot the drone you should use the ManualCopterPilotingItf (iOS/Android):

  • Monitor the manual copter piloting interface (iOS/Android)
  • Active it (iOS/Android)
  • Use ManualCopterPilotingItf to take off; land; set picth; roll; yaw according to your flight controller.

When you want pilot, via an application, a drone connected through a remote control, you must set the CopilotSource:


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