Help with Livestreaming please

Hello, I need some help. I’m not a computer expert by any means so please so be gentle.

I have the parrot anafi usa. Can someone please walk me through, step by step, as simply as possible, how to live stream what the drone is seeing to a computer or another device. I can use either an android or ios.


you can try the following steps from the FF6 and Cisco Webex apps working together.

(1) Establish a meeting in Cisco Webex between the pilot’s smartphone and the desktop.
(You may need to download the Webex app and Webex desktop, for details please refer to Webex’s user guide.)
(2) In the online meeting screen, tap “…” > “share content” > “share screen” > “start now” then switch back to Freeflight 6 app.
(3) Fly Anafi as usual, the other parties are watching the drone’s video.
(4) Voice communication via headphones is also capable.

wish you trying are successful. Good Luck!

This is indeed a solution.
You can also use a service provider like Airdata or Dronesense for public safety oriented missions.