Help with the use of sdk to create a new app with skycontroller 3 and anafi

Hi Guys.

I’m a newbie in parrot development and I need help to begin a develop an app in android.

I need to use the Skycontroller to flight an Anafi drone and a basic android app with only one
screen (Activity).

That I want to do is, (1) show the video stream from the drone camera in the app, with the android device connected to the Skycontroller 3 through USB, as in the FreeFlight pro App,
(2) show also in the screen the Skycontroller battery percentage and the Anafi battery percentage, and (3) send a command to the Skycontroller to take a photo, like if the button of take snapshot were pressed.

I download and compile the GroundSdk, and play with the GroundSdkDemo changing some things, but I don’t have success in my attempt :frowning:

Please, can anyone give me an advice in how to do this development.

Thanks, everyone

PD: sorry for the bad english :slight_smile:


To connect to a Skycontroller 3 through USB you can see :

To connect to the drone you can see :

To display the video stream you can see :

To get drone and Skycontroller 3 battery levels you can see :

To take picture you can see :


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