Hidden pdraw dependency in SDKCore's interface

This is sort of a repost of an issue I filled in GitHub, but it doesn’t appear that that issue tracker is being monitored.

According to the headers, SdkCoreFrame has a pdrawFrame property, which is a void* , with comments saying it’s a struct pdraw_video_frame* . The struct carries some info about the data layout, such as image dimensions and image format – it’s necessary to really use SdkCoreFrame .

Since SDKCore’s pdraw dependency is hidden behind a void* , none of the pdraw headers describing pdrawFrame make it into the iOS framework (see: pod_sdkcore).

At my company, we’re working around this issue by adding the necessary pdraw headers (and headers from the child dependency video_metadata ) to the prebuilt SDKCore.Framework. It works fine, but we’d rather find a more permanent solution if possible.

Hello Dan. Indeed, the Core level is a kind of “private API”, in the sense of undocumented. We document only the GroudSdk part.
We can not guarantee that the use of “void *” as “pdraw_video_frame” will be correct tomorrow. In the future, “Mobile GroundSdk Level” may provide access to the metadata video that will then be documented (sorry, I do not have a specific date).