How can I select a specific map in a UE4 world?

I’m having some questions regarding “maps” in UE4 worlds (3D scenes available - 2.14.1)

I was trying to activate e.g. map “magic_carpet” of the “sphx_test” simulation. Didn’t find a way how to do it from command line. Stopped the animation and selected the level, but then I could not connect anymore to the simulation from my control app.

Then I would like to ask how it would be possible to place an Aruco code pattern into either this or any other world? I would like to put it onto the ground somewhere and do some OpenCV on it.


Sorry, answer for “level selection” found here

parrot-ue4-forest -level=intense_lights

So only question 2 remains…

For the time being, it is not possible to import external assets into the 3D scenes.

Hmm. Unfortunate. Any workaround available? Especially for precision landing to be able to place a PDF or JPG somewhere would be extremely helpful.

as your need is limited to a 2D texture, you might find something interesting here:

The idea would be to spawn a car and load a custom tag (the texture you want) on its roof, taking care of adjusting the tag dimensions.

Thanks. Will try

The document states:

In every UE4 applications provided with Parrot Sphinx, one or several “paths” is included. There is systematically a path called DefaultPath .

Was trying to fire up a pickup using the parrot-ue-4-industrial-city, but got an error:

[2022.06.22-18.06.42:703][ 0]LogAMS: Error: AMS path 'DefaultPath' does not exist in this world.

However, worked with the empty world. Is that a correct behaviour?

Yes. thanks for the hint. This works well. Having my Aruco code on the bed of a pickup.

Two additional questions, if possible:

  • It seems to be not possible to define “just” the tag in a custom config file, right? I also had to specify a path, even though I don’t need that

  • Is there any more convenient way to load the tag while starting sphinx? I don’t like very much the extra sphinx-cli step to add the tag. But if not possible, no issue



  • It is possible to define just the tag in a custom config file. Tags are used with vehicles. In order to spawn a vehicle, there must be a path in the world. Some UE4 levels come with predefined paths, for example, parrot-ue4-empty has two predefined paths “DefaultPath” and “RunPath.” But not all levels have these paths (the documentation will be fixed in a future version). In this case, custom paths are required to spawn vehicles/pedestrians.
    Parrot Sphinx comes with a feature named Spline Editor. It allows users to create their custom paths interactively (UE4 Application HMI - 2.8.2) and then export them as a custom config file that can be loaded by the UE4 application (Populate the scene with actors - 2.8.2).

  • By default, tags are hidden. The only way to make them appear is by using sphinx-cli or the web dashboard.

Great thanks. I can live with it. It works pretty good.

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