How PilotingSpeedChanged events for position, and attitude are calculated in the simulation environemnt?

There are three sensors, namely, horizontal camera, vertical camera, and an ultrasound, modeled in the simulation environment. I could not find any IMU being modeled as a sensor on the bebop2 in Sphinx. Using the official SDK one can access these values by setting the appropriate callback.
In C:


I was wondering how these values are calculated in the simulation environment.


The IMU is simulated by a model plugin with no sensor, that’s why you can’t see it. It’s quite similar to the official IMU sensor in gazebo but in a model plugin: gazebo/ at gazebo11 · osrf/gazebo · GitHub

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Hi Ocrave,
Thanks a lot for your prompt response. Are these values coming from an onboard visual-inertial estimate like what happens on the actual drone? What sensors are involved in the actual and the simulated drone for calculating these values?