How to access Occupancy Grid, Depth Map and Disparity data from OpenFlight v7.3?

Tests on FreeFlight 7.3

I have run some initial tests on the latest version of FreeFlight 7 to check if it has the ability to generate the data needed and the 3D view does not show any depth data in manual mode and cameraman mode. I have attached a screenshot of this. Has the depth map feature not been released yet?

Fig. Screengrab from the manual capture

Fig. Screengrab from the cameraman tab

Accessing the data through OpenFlight 7.3

I would like to access this data through OpenFlight and have looked into the codebase and have been unsuccessful. Having looked into the Techinical documentation for the Anafi ai (screenshot attached below) it has the ability to form occupancy grids and able to get depth data and form depth maps.

I would like to know if there is a way to access the occupancy grid and depth map??

Fig. Screengrab from the Anafi ai technical documentation


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