How to add and install missions in real drone without olympe


How can i install missions without olympe?
For example with the command: “./ -p hello-classic -t sync --reboot” or via missions web server rest api ? (i guess it’s the same thing, the command use the missions web server rest api)
How to access the drone via my pc? Is being on the same network enough? Does the drone have to be connected to the PC via usb?
I can see that the command makes a curl request on http://anafi-ai.local/api/v1/mission, what is anafi-ai.local?
How to install and use a Flight Mission - 7.7
Can i put missions in the drone via sd card ?


Mission will be added onto the drone which can be viewed via the webserver. I have suggested this for you in one of your other questions.

To install missions without olympe you will have to use the airsdk GCS. Follow the docs on that

To access drone from pc you have to connect to the wifi network that the drone emits
First you have to connect to the drone via freeflight. In settings > advanced > connection, set a password for the wifi and set “Direct connection from PC or smartphone” to Yes
Now you can install missions to the drone via api requests
You can put “” in your browser to access the webserver and upload missions to the drone or use command like “./ -p hello-classic -t sync --reboot”

anafi-ai.local =

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