How to change the speed of the drone

Hi everyone, im having trouble to change the speed of the drone. Ive search in the net and see the documentation, but still did not managed to change the speed.

Can someone share an example/code on how to change the speed of the drone when it is moving? From there, i can refer the code and implement in my project :frowning:

Hi @harithzainudin

Please take a look at the messages here:

The ones you might be interested in are MaxTilt, MaxVerticalSpeed, MaxRotationSpeed and MaxPitchRollRotationSpeed.

From my understanding, these features only function when we use SkyController. However, if we use the Olympe SDK to fly the drone, it can’t be used. Even if we put the code, the speed is not changing, unless, we are using the SkyController.

Are these features(eg. MaxTilt, MaxVerticalSpeed, MaxRotationSpeed, and MaxPitchRollRotationSpeed) have been updated by the developer so that it can be used in Olympe SDK?

Hi, could you upload your script?